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Hardwood floor: your dream within your reach!

Make your dream of having a hardwood floor in your home come true with our installation service. We have competent professionals, guaranteed and quality service. Take advantage of the 2024 trend and schedule now!

Transform Your Space into an Oasis of Comfort and Style!

Have an elegant, comfortable and functional home with our vinyl floor installation service, the trending covering in 2024. Vinyl flooring is resistant, comfortable, easy to clean and install, and has several color, texture and pattern options. We have a qualified team, guarantee and technical assistance. Take advantage of our exclusive offer and schedule your installation right now!

Transform your environment with the best flooring installation company on the market!

Do you want to have a more beautiful, comfortable and functional environment? Then you need to know our flooring installation company, the best on the market !


We help you choose the best type of flooring for your space, taking into account your taste, your budget and the characteristics of the location.

Service installation

Installation of hardwood, vinyl, laminate, stairs and baseboard: we install the floor you chose with quality and efficiency, following technical standards and aesthetic standards.

We check subfloor

We prepare the surface to receive the new floor, ensuring a perfect and durable finish.


We remove the old floor safely and quickly, without damaging the structure of your property.

Transform your environment with the best flooring installation company on the market!

Renovate your space with quality! Discover our flooring installation service, the most professional on the market. Options for all tastes and budgets, with a guarantee and free consultancy. Schedule your consultation now and transform your space!

Who we are

At Floor ever, we believe that each space tells a unique story, and the floor is the basis of that narrative. We are passionate experts in transforming environments through the installation of exceptional flooring, and our commitment is to create lasting experiences for our customers.


Our mission is to go beyond simply installing floors. We seek to increase the quality of life and comfort of each space, contributing to the realization of our clients’ unique dreams and needs. At Floor ever, customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Values: Transparency Integrity and honesty

We are founded on values that reflect who we are and how we conduct our business. Honesty guides our interactions, transparency guides our practices and integrity is at the heart of every commitment we make.



We share information openly and clearly, ensuring our customers are always informed about work progress, costs and any important details



We keep our promises and maintain the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We believe that true integrity lies in consistency between words and actions.



We act sincerely at every stage of the process, from the initial assessment to the completion of the installation. We want our customers to fully trust our approach.

When choosing Floor ever, you are choosing more than a flooring installation service, you are choosing a partnership based on trust and the tireless pursuit of excellence. Transform your space with us and experience the difference we make in every square meter.

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Clarifying Your Questions About Our Flooring Installation Services

Check out our most frequently asked questions

Vinyl flooring is water resistant and easy to maintain, laminate is an economical option with good resistance, while hardwood offers beauty and durability. We are prepared to guide you in choosing the best material for your needs.

Yes, proper subfloor preparation is essential. We assess and correct imperfections to ensure a level surface. This is crucial to the long-term durability and stability of the floor.

Installation time varies based on the type of flooring chosen and the area to be covered. Generally, vinyl and laminate flooring can be installed more quickly than hardwood. We will provide a detailed estimate during your consultation.

We will offer specific care guidelines for each type of flooring during installation. Cleaning instructions, maintenance and recommended products will be provided to preserve the beauty and integrity of your new floor.

Yes, our team is prepared to handle repairs and replacements as needed. If damage occurs to your floor, please contact us and we will be happy to assess the situation and provide appropriate solutions.

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